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Timeline :


Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj donated a land to establish a hostel


Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj offered a grant of Rs. 1600/- to construct a building


Shrimati Saraswatibai Latkar donated Rs. 10,000/- for this noble cause. Her father Late Appasaheb Prabhuingalikar donated Rs. 1000/-


On 20 th May 1915, Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj inaugurated hostel building


On 22 nd September 1919, organisation was registered under the presidency of R. R. Shirgaokar.

1919 to 1940

Organisation developed under the superintendence of Balkrishna Tendulkar, G. R. Kamat & J. Y. Hukkerikar

1941 to 1991

Presidency of A. G. Kamat Guruji


6 th October 1053, organisation was registered as a public trust with a registration number K.A. 116


K. D. Kamat was selected as president.


Foundation stone of the new building was laid.


A new building handed over to the State bank of India on a long tern lease.  This was a remarkable activity to make our organisation financially sound.


New hostel building completed with 17 spacious rooms & 7 shops.


Grand celebration of 79 th foundation day.
On this occasion, organisation declared strong financial help to worthy students in terms of Scholarships, interest free loans, rewards etc. This is the supreme decision of our organisation which rarely can be seen anywhere else.

‘Sankalp Siddhi Sohala’ and ‘Karj Mukti Din’ was celebrated on 20 th May 1994 at Shahu Smarak Bhavan. The ceremony was presided over by Shri. Suresh Prabhu, then chairman of Saraswat Bank. Other dignitaries were Raosaheb Gogate (well known industrialist from Belgaum), Deshbhakt Padmashri Ratnappanna Kumbhar, Shivshahir babasaheb Purandare, S. K. Pant Walwalkar, Shri. S. S. Pendse (Charity   Commissioner).

"Vaibhavika" – A souvenir was published by the auspicious hands of Shri. Suresh Prabhu.

Honourable donors were felicitated by the auspicious hands of Shivshahir Babasaheb Purandare.

Office bearers were felicitated by the auspicious hands of Deshbhakt Ratnappaanna Kumbhar.

On this occasion, organisation declared strong financial help to worthy students in terms of Scholarships, interest free loans, rewards etc. This is the supreme decision of our organisation which rarely can be seen anywhere else.

Organisation was successful to revise the agreement with State bank of India. Rent of Rs. 1.50 per Sq. Ft. Was revised to Rs. 3.00 per Sq. Ft. For that matter, rent per month increased to Rs. 32,242/- from Rs. 16,950/-.

To encourage meritorious students, organisation declared educational grant scheme.

20 May 1996

Vardhapan Din Sohala
Vice president of Saraswat Boarding Shri. Manmohan Ganesh Latkar (who carried this responsibility for 54 years) donated Rs. 15,000/- for a room and Rs. 25,000/- for scholarships was felicitated at this moment.

Renowned industrialist Shri. N. A. alias Tatyasaheb Tendulkar who succeeded with hard work among unfavourable conditions was felicitated at this moment. He adorned as a president for 3 times of Akhil Bharatiya Saraswat Melava. He donated Rs. 15,000/- for a room.

President of Saraswat Boarding Shri. K. D. Kamat, vice president Shri. M. G. Latkar visited ‘Helpers of the handicapped’ and donated special equipments useful for handicapped. They were fascinated with the independent behaviours and cooperative approach of all the people from the helpers of the handicapped.  Saraswat Boarding donates them periodically.  

Anniversary celebration ceremony was presided over by Shri. Kiran Thanku (editor of Daily Tarun Bharat). Karveer Shankaracharya Vidyashankar Bharati blessed with his presence. Both of the dignitaries praised the function of Saraswat Boarding.

World’s renowned economist & the chairman of Mahaapex Corporation Manipal Shri. T. Ramesh Pai visited Saraswat Boarding. He praised this noble cause and added, I am extremely happy to have visited this institute started as far back as 1915 to provide hostel facilities to our youth. The dedication and devotion of the trustees has helped them to develop the corpus fund and I congratulate them in their desire to utilise the fund to deserving noble cause. I wish them success".

Dr. Satish Patki – Veteran doctor donated funds to this institute for merit scholarship to students.

Padmabhushan Dr. J. P. Naik ; the world renowned educationalist; who struggled for the welfare of humanity  stayed at Saraswat Boarding during 1925 to 1930 to complete his B. A. degree.  Famous advocate in Kolhapur Shri. Baburao Joshi wrote a book "Kolhapurche J. P. Naik". Saraswat Boarding felicitated Dr. J. P. Naik. In his presence, a room where he used to stay was named as "J. P. Naik".

Late Professor V. A. Desai handed over as a president to Late K. D. Kamat. From the instance, i. E. From 1964; K. D. Kamat took restless efforts to make our organisation debt free. After facing numerous difficulties and intensive study he availed loan of Rs. 8,85,000/- he built & rented a land of 12,000 Sq. Ft. to the State bank of India. The building was completed after facing difficulties such as stringency of cement, rising prices of steel and in 1982, the building was handed over to the State bank of India. Thus a regular income was secured on the account of Saraswat Boarding.

Due to restless efforts of Late. K. D. Kamat, Late. A. G. Kamat Guruji, Shri. M. G. Latkar etc. Saraswat Boarding became debt free in 1994. Then onwards, entire income of this organisation is being used for the scholarly accomplishment of the students staying here. Funds are distributed in terms of scholarships & interest free loans to the students. The economic prosperity of this organisation seen today is the result of continuous and generous efforts of trustees since last 100 years.

1998 – 1999

On 19 th Dec. 1998; during a social gathering of the past students, Prof. Ram Pandurkar, senior Prof. Dabhole was present on this occasion.
Prof. Ram Pandurkar guided students about respecting seniors.
As he was staying in America for one year, senior Prof. Dabhole described students about disciplines, cleanliness and American’s way to respect the law. He further added about American’s honesty, way to work avidly & unique determination etc. He told, if students behave with such thoughts; India will become more prosperous.

21 January 1999

Felicitation of the trustees; incessant service awards and publishing a ‘Gourav Granth.  
A special function to felicitate trustees who worked restlessly for the upliftment of Saraswat community was held. Shivshahir Babasaheb Purandare, Prabhakar Kore (Ex. MP, President of Karnataka Education Society), Dr. Ashok Kamat (Pune University), Kiran Thakur (Editor of daily Tarun Bharat), S. K. Walavalkar were present at the glorious moment. Saraswat ratna, Saraswat Bhushan, Saraswat Seva Gourav etc. awards were given at this time.

A special book "Fulale Zad Saraswatanche" was published during this function. The book includes 83 years of legacy of Saraswat Community. The writer of the book was specially felicitated.

1999 – 2000

Residential scholarship – an innovative incentive scheme for students
Saraswat Boarding takes sincere efforts to encourage students to achieve merits. Students are awarded with cash incentives.

Shri. Niranjan Wayangankar; Ex. Trustee Shri. Babanrao Wayangankar was specially felicitated after securing first rank in I.P.S. exams. Chief Guest of this function was retired justice S. V. Nevgi.

2000 – 2001

An awakening speech by Prof. Rajendra Thakur delivered to the students of Saraswat Boarding. He recalled ample memories of Indian pre independence era. Students were overwhelmed to hear Prof. Thakur’s speech.

28 January 2001

Well known cartoonist Shri. Mangesh Tendulkar visited Saraswat Boarding and he expressed satisfaction towards this noble cause. He discussed a variety of topics with trustees.

22 August 2001

An eminent personality; who took Saraswat Boarding towards self reliant & complete financial freedom; president Shri. K. D. Kamat passed away.

16 December 2001

Prof. Sham Yedekar; of Spardha Pariksha Kendra and ex. Principal of Ajara Mahavidhyalay Shri. A. R. Toro guided students and awakened them by telling about participation, loyalty, determination and patriotism. They further described; to become a noble citizen, it is important to follow all such efficacy.

14 February 2002

Central minister Honourable Shri. Suresh Prabhu visited Saraswat Boarding. He expressed complete satisfaction about this organisation & discussed with trustees.

15 August 2002

Head of the department of electronics of Shivaji University and director of Vidyapeeth Vikas Mandal Dr. A. S. Wayangankar and the other dignitaries such as Shri. Dadasaheb Mantri, Resident of America and famous interior designer Shri. Arunkumar Gholkar visited Saraswat Boarding and they expressed happiness about the activities of this organisation.

15 August 2003

88 th anniversary was celebrated in presence of reader & head of the department of journalism Dr. Ratnakar Pandit (M. A., Ph. D.) head of the department of environment science Dr. Jay Samant (M.Sc., Ph. D.).  Both of them delivered awakening speeches to the students.

26 January 2004

Famous writer Shri. Ravindra Pinde visited Sarsawat Boarding. He spellbound entire audience by sharing various memories of Late. P. L. Deshpande & Mangesh Padgavkar.

15 August 2004

Famous social worker Ms. Anuradha Potdar visited Saraswat Boarding.

05 September 2004

Prof. D. U. Pawar visited Saraswat Boarding.

26 January 2005

Shri. D. P. Kamat Potdar visited Saraswat Boarding & guided students about competitive exams.

20 may 2005

Shrimant Chhatrapati Sambhajiraje & Head of department of computer science Dr. Rajendra Akerkar guided students.

15 December 2005

Opening ceremony of Mohanrao Latkar extension building.
Considering the major contribution of Shri. Mohanraoji G. Latkar in the overall development of Saraswat Boarding trustees decided to honour him by naming second floor of Saraswat Boarding as ‘Mohanrao Latkat Vistar Kaksh’. Considering this honour, Mohanrao Latkar donated Rs. 25,000/- to the boarding. Shri. Gurubal Mali of Tarun Bharat cooperated for the success of this ceremony.

26 January 2006

An audio visual presentation of a tough yet encouraging journey of Dr. Amar Adake; famous historian who overwhelmed students with his speech.

15 August 2006

Independence day & anniversary was celebrated in presence of Charity Commissioner Shri. S. N. Chinchabekar & environmental expert Dr. Anilraj Jagdale. Scholarship of Rs. 20,000/- was distributed during this ceremony. Dr. Jagdale described importance of "environment & water conservation".

06 January 2008

During 92 years history of Saraswat Boarding Dr. Yashasvini Rajanikant Janawadkar was selected as the first women as the chairperson. This decision was widely welcomed by the society.

2007 – 2008

At Saraswat Boarding, we arrange lectures for students of many able personalities from various fields. Ultimate aim of our organisation is helping students to become a noble citizen of the nation.  During this year following person interacted with our students :
Prof. Vijay karekar, Prof. Ramkumar Sawant, Prof. Sampat Gaikwad, Prof. J. M. Salunkhe and Prof. Ram B. Sasane.

21 December 2008

Prof. T. R. Gurav; lecturer and HoD of Marathi at the New College, Kolhapur interacted with our students about morality & quality development of life. Eminent personalities & national leaders were remembered during this occasion. Mahatma Gandhi, Lal bahadur Shastri, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar were modestly remembered by the students.

Saraswat Bank donated Rs. 5,00,000/- to Saraswat Boarding in a spectacular ceremony at Mumbai. On this occasion the chairman of the bank Shri. Eknathji Thakur congratulated our organisation.

2009 – 2010

Late Gopalrao Lotalikar & Late Saraswatibai Lotlikar; the residents of Konkan donated Rs. 1,00,000 from their accumulated funds. This fund was secured towards quality enhancement of the students. To succeed the desire of Lotalikar family; Dr. Sultane, Shri. Hatti & a nephew of Lotalikar took sincere efforts.



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